Evolutionary Love

Once we discover that the deepest dimension of who we really are is not our historical psychological identity but is the mystery of Life or Consciousness itself, then our entire relationship to what it means to be a human being can potentially undergo a radical shift.

Instead of being driven through life primarily by the fears, desires and psychological suffering of a separate ego, we discover a source of motivation for being who we are in this world that is absolutely positive, that flows upward and outward as if from an overflowing cup. This pure conscious intelligence of Life is experienced as a Big Yes that calls us to the task of transformation and the creation of a new awakened culture.


This Big Yes can be understood as the human experience of an evolutionary impulse that is animating and driving the whole Universe. It is the mysterious divine spark that caused something to come from nothing. It is the Love that surges into manifestation as the interrelated magnificence of Creation in every moment. When we experience this Love we begin to see and feel that we are part of a vast unfolding process that is moving, that is going somewhere. We recognize that our longing to transform ourselves, our relationships and our world is the movement of an evolutionary love seeking ever-higher orders of harmony and integration.

If we embrace this evolutionary context for human life we begin to see and feel that the further development of this cosmic process literally depends on us. In theological terms, we realize that the Creator God is not a metaphysical deity "out there" looking over us, but is inherent in us as our pure passion to evolve. This understanding is truly contemporary as it unites the deepest insights of spirituality and science, meets the unique challenges of our time and fills us with an enormous sense of responsibility for the evolution of Life itself. It is the integral embrace of an evolutionary spirituality that has the power to completely transform our relationship to the human experience in the 21st century. 

In that embrace we recognize that our human capacity for choice, creativity, inquiry, intuitive wisdom, compassion, indeed all of our unique gifts and positive qualities, reflected through head, heart and hands, are given to us so that we can consciously engage with this miraculous creative process that has given us form. Then the gift of our individuality is reconfigured to reflect its true potential as a unique expression of the “indivisible”. 

In this orientation to spiritual life the notion of “my” spiritual journey is radically recontextualized by the overwhelming call of a moral obligation that is experienced as simultaneously surging up from within and from the depths of the overarching cosmos.

Evolutionary love calls us to the realization that we are relational beings whose existence can never be separated from the existence of others and from the entire Universe. We co-exist, not as individuals living side by side, but as part of a matrix of relatedness from which we are never separate. It is that matrix of relatedness itself that longs to consciously awaken and evolve as a collective expression of the One in the Many. This is the leading edge of conscious evolution in our time.

To become a full expression of the possibility that is calling us, we need to be in relationships that are rooted in the vision of this higher possibility. At the Awakened Life Project we have created forums for women and men devoted to catalyzing and supporting this emergence, an Evolution of Consciousness course and a 10 Day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat.